Software to create your own live streaming TV production



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Create your own audiovisual stream with a nearly professional look thanks to Wirecast, an app for Windows and Mac that will make you the producer of your own TV show.

Wirecast works with what are called 'shots'—AV segments created from different multimedia sources, such as webcam images, a video from a hard disk, a specially-composed scene, or custom titles.

The Wirecast user can customize these segments as desired by adjusting the program's settings. For each scene you can decide what will appear from each of your shot sources or write your own descriptive text in the titles.

Select which transitions you'd like to apply to your show and then decide what you're going to do with it: stream it live via the Internet or save it in a file to edit later with another program.

Images are watermarked and a background sound is included in the trial version.

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